The jackets that are made for Circle of Gentlemen are still real manual work and old-fashioned craftsmanship. We only use high-quality fabrics from, for example, VBC, Angelico where the finest yarns and lots of 100% wool are used in winter and summer qualities. The highly fashionable jackets and suits are made with fabrics from Brecotessile and Officina.

Lining fabrics that we use are from Texta and Ezio and mostly 100% Viscose. The used buttons are also chosen with care, whereby we always use the 5 functional kissing buttons as a characteristic of Circle of Gentlemen on the jackets. All this also requires the greatest care with regard to the production of our jackets, trousers and suits.

The jackets are really put together traditionally and the buttons are set up manually. This also applies to the trousers and waistcoats. We are proud of the craftsmanship and that shows in our collection, but also ensures the best wearing comfort.