About us

Circle of Gentlemen was founded in 2006 and focuses on the fashion-conscious man with an eye for detail and quality. The basic idea is to dress men in an outfit that reflects their own unique style and that is stylish at all times.

Circle of Gentlemen, with the two lions and the shield, exudes power and pride. Pride stands for the Dutch brand and power stands for the business and fashion conscious man. Circle of Gentlemen, also known as COG, uses high-quality fabrics and refined detailing. The collections are made in beautiful designs in classic colors, but also in bold color and fabric combinations.

Because of this mix Circle of Gentlemen responds to the trend, but always remains unique and insists on their own DNA. The collection consists mainly of shirts but also has suits, jackets and trousers. The collections are coordinated in such a way that there is synergy in the use of colors and materials with which an outfit can be made complete and the combination possibilities are unlimited.

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