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    Business shirts from Circle of Gentlemen

    The Circle of Gentlemen business shirts collection is a timeless classic within the collection. The shirts are made in a classic color that can be worn for any occasion. With a business shirt from COG you always go out well dressed. View the collection of business shirts here.

    Circle of Gentlemen business shirts for every occasion

    The COG (Circle of Gentlemen) collection is made for the business and fashionable man. The collection of the business shirts must therefore also correspond to this. The Circle of Gentlemen business shirt has a classic and luxurious look. Due to this high quality appearance, the shirts can be worn for any occasion. The business shirts are suitable for formal wear under a suit. However, these shirts also lend themselves to be representative without a tie, in a Smart Casual outfit.

    Fit of the business shirts

    Business shirts are known for their classic look. These classic shirts have a cut-away collar. With a cut-away board, the board points are a bit further apart. This creates a wider opening and makes the tie look nicer on the shirt if you would wear it. However, the shirts are also ideal to wear without a tie. In addition to the cut-away collar, business shirts feature a slim and slightly tailored fit. This makes the shirt fit well on the body without it being too tight.                                        

    High-quality material of business shirts

    The business shirts are made of high-quality cotton or a combination of cotton and elastane. The cotton is woven in Italy, which gives it a high quality and a luxurious look. The combination with elastane ensures that the shirts stretch slightly. The combination with elastane ensures greater wearing comfort. This material also ensures that the shirts are easy to iron. This makes the shirts perfect for businessmen who travel, who have little or no time for ironing shirts during their trip.

    In addition to the classic business shirts, COG also has other shirts. If you want a shirt with an exuberant print or a more subdued print, take a look at the shirts with a print.